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Why do we need workplace Well-being?

Workplace well-being programs engage, motivate and support employees to adopt and maintain healthy behaviours.

This change in behaviours lead to lower health risks and reductions in health care costs.

As an employer, you rely on your people to keep your business running – so you need employees to be happy, healthy and productive.

The benefits of workplace health and well-being programs include:

  • Greater productivity
  • Reductions in work related ill-health and injuries.
  • Reduction in health insurance premiums
  • A decrease in absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Improving employee relations
  • A healthier work environment

Workplace well-being programs benefit employees and employers by improving culture, mental health, collaboration, productivity and cost saving

About Seven Well-being

Seven Well-being was founded by Nicola Moore, with a vision to promote health and wellbeing in the workplace. Nicola identified a rising trend in the Group Medical Insurance premiums, over the ten years she worked as Head of Employee Benefits for two multinational brokers in the MENA region. She recognised that increased levels of inactivity by employees, resulted in a rise in obesity, serious health related conditions such as heart and circulatory disease, diabetes, cancers and depression. Impacting on reduced productivity, high stress levels, poor job satisfaction, increased sickness and absence, high staff turnover and in-turn spiralling health insurance costs that causes premiums to rise.

Seven Well-being understands that motivating employees, promoting physical activity and implementing wellbeing initiatives in the workplace, will lead to reduced Group Medical Insurance premiums.

With each new client, Seven Well-being analyses their historical medical claims and uses the data to create tailored programs that tackle the main health issues unique to the organisation, leading to an approximate decrease of 6 – 12% on the medical claims spend over a 12 month period.

Over the years, Seven has seen a shift in corporate philosophy. Companies are now embracing health and well-being and they understand that this is a foundation for their success. Seven use the same principles, with a vision for employees and employers to be passionate about their health using the five pillars of wellbeing; Environmental, Occupational, Social, Psychological and Physical.

By creating bespoke programs using the five pillars, companies benefit through greater employee job satisfaction, reduced staff-related costs, less absenteeism, reduced staff turnover, higher individual productivity and see as a result higher profits.

The benefits of workplace health and well-being programs include:


  • Medical Claims Analysis
  • Creation of bespoke Workplace Wellness Programs – monthly, quarterly, yearly and one-off events
  • Implementation, Management and Internal Marketing of Wellness Programs
  • Bespoke Progress Reporting weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly
  • Bespoke Workplace Wellness Platforms
  • Individual Wellness Programs
  • Wellness Events
  • H.R. consultancy services to complement Wellness Programs
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The results

  • A happier and healthier workforce
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased staff retention rate
  • Company recognition caring for employees (Daman Health Award)
  • Reduction in claims utilisation and spend

Contact Nicola today to talk about the well-being of your employees and find out how we can help. Make your office a happier and healthier work place

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