Specialist Cover

Our team is highly experienced in preparing specialist corporate cover. This could be an industry specific need to help a business protect them against damage, theft, injury and loss of income stream. A policy can include cover to protect Contracting, Projects, Jewelry, Marine, Aviation or Fleet.

Transit / Cargo Cover

Transit and Cargo policies will cover the risk to merchandise & produce that are in transit. This will be from the original point of dispatch to a specific destination of the items detailed on the inventory. The protection is used to cover the safe transport of goods that could be from one warehouse to another or from a shipping dock to a receiving dock, this can be from Sea, Rail, Air or Road.

Contractors All Risk

Contractors' all risks (CAR) will protect a contractor against claims. The policy will cover damage related to property, also injury to third parties during work or projects that are carried out in specific and detailed sites or locations.

Aviation Cover

This type of protection is a comprehensive cover that is put in place for Aircraft Hull, Liabilities, Crew accidents & Flight risks. This is generally for pre-determined destinations and locations that are agreed by the aviation authorities. This will be for the location that the aircraft is registered, also for the routes and destinations that the aircraft actively operates.

Marine Cover

Marine cover is protection put in place for Motorboats, Jet Skis, Yachts, Sailing boats and/or other sea/water vessels. This policy will include Hull damage, any loss and third-party cover for private pleasure craft and for commercial vessels.

Motor Fleet

Motor Fleet insurance is based on a business fleet with a minimum of 5 light motor vehicles and/or heavy vehicles. The main reason for using a Motor Fleet insurance is to avail a discounted price for a group of vehicles. Also, the renewal of existing vehicles and new registration is easier. In addition, claim process by the insurance provider is simplified with the fleet policy.

Construction, Plant & Machinery Cover

This type of policy is put in place to protect contractors in the construction industry. The policy is set up on an annual basis and will be used to cover unexpected damage or loss to machinery and plant that is specified in the cover to enable either the replacement or repair of the item. The insurance will normally exclude any internal breakdown which will apply at work, at rest or during set out maintenance work and can be for multiple sites.

Jewelers Block

This is by definition and insurance policy that will offer comprehensive cover to jewelers and jewellery shops. The policy will also cover against damage and/or loss items in the inventory of manufacturers, retailers, brokers and distributors to include precious metals and commodity traders. The protection will cover burglary, theft and risk of fire damage. It is also an option to have the policy cover items that are in transit from the manufacturer or authorised member of staff, also if it is a single piece or a collection.

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