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The idea of investment is to put wealth and/or money into either one asset or multiple assets to generate growth, income or profit over a period of time. Investing can be done over the short, medium or long term with affordability, timescale and appetite to risk being important factors when considering what to invest into. In addition to these things the cost should be included in any proposal to determine whether it is realistic to match your expectations. Typical Assets include Equity through Stock or Shares, Managed Funds, Passive Trackers, Property or Bonds. Some investors like to look for niche assets, however your approach should keep within your own appetite to risk, as one person’s appetite is different from another and can result in big losses as a consequence of not being managed correctly.

Lump Sum

A lump Sum is considered a single amount available for investment in one go, rather than broken down into smaller amounts invested on a regular basis. Lump Sum investing is generally considered to be $50,000 USD upwards with no upper limit to the amount you can use. A lump sum investment can be broken down into smaller amounts to be invested in a wider range of asset or simple into one asset. Lump Sum investing also has the capability to have additional lump sum amounts added to it in the future. Lump Sum investing can be used for various purposes including wealth accumulation, profit, income, education planning, retirement planning, tax mitigation and succession planning.

Capital Build

Capital Build as achieved by using smaller amounts of money invested over a more regular basis to get to a desired target. In some cases, investors use a capital build approach because they do not have a lump sum capability with the expectation to get to a lump sum position to then change the way they invest. Capital Build can be used alongside a Lump Sum proposition or instead of and to utilize spare capacity left over from Salary and/or income. Capital build can be used over various periods of time from short term to long term and can include the possibility of lock-in periods or not. Capital Build have the option of using either contractual plans that contain fixed charges or non-contractual plans that follow a fee based model and will have the possibility of investing into Managed funds and/or Passive index funds.

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